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One of the best things about working for a team like Oliver is how quick people are to share the praise when a big job goes right. Below is the text of an email (modified to simplify the explanation of the technical details of the job) that was sent out this morning to the entire company and is a great example of the kind of “thank you team” messages that we see on a regular basis. Thank you Mike for giving me permission to share this!


All last week I was involved with a team that completed one of the most difficult HVAC installations I ever saw. It involved replacing three complete systems, duct work, 17 zoning dampers, supplies, returns, linesets, and water lines. Much of the equipment was in difficult to access spaces. Like I said, that’s only parts of the job.

There is only ONE reason why this large and very difficult job was installed with high quality and to Oliver’s standards: teamwork and dedication from the people involved. Rocco Santomieri for coming to the job in the beginning to help with some ideas and provide the man power as needed. Dave Booth, Billy Oliver and Bobby Pace in the sheet metal shop for getting us the large amount of 3″ wrap metal in a VERY timely manner. Reggie Neal and John Cook in the shop getting our large amount of material needed with Mike Monaghan and Ryan Wilkinson delivering it and picking up our 3 box truck loads full of all removed trash and metal. Dan Lippin checking in several times a day and feeding us lunch several times throughout the week. Matt Lawton and Steve Shanahan crawling in and out of these VERY tight knee walls all week along with Jesse Burdette for 1 1/2 days installing the duct work along with sealing and wrapping it. Scott Kay working in basement alone with a little help when needed removing 2nd floor system and ductwork and old 1st floor system then installing 1st floor system along with our outdoor unit. There were stressful, long days and I would like to personally say THANK YOU to all involved and what a AWESOME job you guys did.

Mike Mackin (Installer)

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