Cheeseburgers in Paradise (well, maybe not paradise, but a beautiful day anyway!)

The Oliver party planners have done themselves proud today! After deciding to postpone our “Welcome Summer” picnic a week due to the heat, we ended up with a beautiful afternoon for cooking out and playing games on the lawn. It was great to see Luke, who recently retired from the Residential Parts department, back at the grill where he was joined by Residential Service manager Bill. Luke & Bill gettin' their grill on

The two of them served up hotdogs, hamburgers, and chicken, which were accompanied by lots and lots (and LOTS) of homemade goodies. Janet’s famous buffalo chicken dip made an appearance, and Donna brought us this gem of a pasta salad. And of course, no picnic is complete until you have to find another table for all the desserts – cookies, peanut butter bars, and of course, apple pie. More than one new employee learned about the “Oliver 15” today. Don’t worry guys, we don’t do this often – only every time we get a really good excuse. Like a new season. Or a wedding/baby shower. Or a holiday. Or a just-because-we-haven’t-in-awhile day.

After all that food, the people who could still move competed in the Oliver Olympics for the coveted not-gold medals. Our big winners were Bernie in the putting competition (although we promised we wouldn’t reveal his score to his real-golf buddies!), Chris in the hula hooping, Janet in the egg race, and Gail cleaned up in the “shoot the duck and make it race! Well, that isn’t working, so let’s just shoot each other…” water gun competition. Congrats winners and party planners, it was a fun day!


Until next time,