Commercial Service Team: Safety Sean in Action!

I had a chance to sit in on part of our commercial service team’s safety & training meeting this morning, and thought I’d give you a little behind-the-scenes peek at what we do here at Oliver. If you’ve called us anytime in the past 41 years, you know that you can expect the person who shows up at your home or business to be professional, knowledgeable, and ready to find a solution to your problem.

Safety Sean conducting training

This is “Safety Sean,” a regular contributor to the Oliver blog, in action at our commercial tech meeting. Today’s topic is gloves.

Did you know that our commercial team averages 21 years of experience in the field? Let me repeat that: our commercial service team has an AVERAGE of 21 years experience. And with continuous training, that incredible knowledge base is expanding all the time. The team meets monthly, like today, for a mandatory review of safety procedures and additional technical training. Oliver also sponsors weekly workshops led by our elite senior technicians sharing their accumulated expertise and by factory representatives for the many different types of equipment that our technicians encounter.

Trust me, this is a great group of guys to have in your corner. Or on your roof.

– Shanna

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