Gearing up for spring

We would like to thank everyone for their expressions of sympathy over the past few weeks, it means a lot to the Oliver family to hear so many people express their support in their time of loss.

We have been keeping very busy here at Oliver getting ready for spring and some exciting new opportunities. Summer 2013 will be our first season “down the shore” and we’re getting ready for the sun and sand. Our plumbing department will be introducing new services designed to improve the quality of water in your home – imagine getting bottle quality water from your taps for pennies a gallon! The electrical department is ready to help you plan for summer storms with whole home surge protection and generators.

And of course there will be more contests! I can’t tell you the details yet, but I can tell you to keep your eyes peeled because there’s a really good one coming up soon – I’m actually jealous of the winner already!

– Shanna

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