Go for the Gold! (Psst – Silver & Platinum are great too!)

Customer service helps first customer sign up for Platinum benefits

Andrea in Customer Service helped the first customer sign up for Platinum level benefits – welcome to the new service era at Oliver!

London isn’t the only place where you can bring home the Gold or Silver this week! And we’ve got Platinum too which beats Bronze any old day. So if years of vigorous training for one glorious moment in the sun isn’t your cup of tea, try one of our all-star plans instead:

Silver: A Good Place To Start

  • 10% off dispatch fees
  • 10% off repairs
  • Includes annual maintenance
  • Priority service and scheduling

Gold: A Better Way To Protect Your Equipment

  • NO dispatch fees
  • Most repairs are covered, 10-30% discount on excluded parts (compressors, coils, heat exchangers)
  • Includes annual maintenance
  • Priority service and scheduling

Platinum: When Only The Best Will Do

  • NO dispatch fees
  • Expanded major parts coverage: compressors, coils, and heat exchangers are covered for 10 years from the manufacture date of the equipment
  • Includes annual maintenance AND annual plumbing & electrical inspections
  • Inflation Protection Plan: Your rate never goes up for as long as your plan remains current
  • Equipment Buy-Back Replacement Program: For every year that your plan remains active, you can earn up to $100 towards the purchase of a new Oliver heating and air conditioning system. ($50 per year if only heater or air conditioner is covered, $100 per year both are covered)

With plans like these, everyone’s a winner!

– Shanna