10 Decor Ideas That Add a Touch of Fall

heating and coolingSaturday is officially the first day of fall, and most of us here at our heating and cooling company love the chillier temperatures. With fall comes warmth and coziness, so we thought we’d share a few simple decor ideas that can add a touch of fall to any room in your home:

Votive Mantlepieces

Gather up a few votive candle holders in festive colors like gold, orange, or red. Then, gather a few outside leaves that have already changed color. Place one or more leaves around the outside of each votive holder and wrap a piece of twine them to hold them in place. After that, stack one or two small white pumpkins on top of each and arrange them on the mantle (like the picture on the right).

Pumpkin Tealights

Turn those mini pumpkins you see into festive candle holders. Simply trace the bottom of a tealight around the top of a pumpkin and use a knife too carve out the hole. (Be sure to make the opening a little larger than the tracing so the tealight can fit comfortably.) Drop the tealight in, light it up, and voila!

Warm Accents

If you have neutral colored furniture (like couches, loves seats, and chairs), swap out any summery pillows and blankets you may have on them with pillows and blankets in warm colors (think reds and oranges) and rich fabrics to add a cozy touch to the room.


What do you get when you cross a pumpkin and a mum? A mumkin! Create decorative “pots” for mums by carving out a few pumpkins and dropping in containers of colorful mums. Set them on along the stairs leading to your front door for a welcoming look.

Rustic Touches

If you’re in need of some quick, simple rustic touches for your mantle, end tables, or coffee tables, consider filling a large glass bowl with pine cones, pheasant feathers, and colored leaves. Try arranging the pine cones on the bottom and layering the feathers and leaves on top. Or line the bowl with pine cones and organize the feathers and leaves in the middle for more of a centerpiece look. You can even add some acorns!

Glass Gourds

Gather several different sized glass cake stands (complete with dome tops) and fill them with gourds of all different shapes, sizes, and colors. This gives you an easy way to put the festive fruits on display (and they’re great as a mantlepieces).

Mason Jar Sconces

Create quick, homey sconces by filling one or more with cinnamon sticks and votive candles (either battery-operated or real). Then, install cup hooks in the ceiling and attach some twine to each jar. Suspend the “sconces” from the ceiling and turn them on or light them to add some warmth to the room.

Crabapple Branches

Crabapples are usually in season during the fall (September-October), and crabapple branches can make for a pretty fall accent nearly anywhere in your home. Simply take a few branches and strip off the leaves, leaving only the small fruit. Then, place a branch or two in clear glass vases filled with water. You can even dye the water red or orange for extra warmth.

Painted Pumpkins

Carved pumpkins don’t last very long and they take a lot of work. Instead, gather a few nice-shaped pumpkins and paint them using fall colors and patterns. Then, arrange them on your front porch or stoop for a touch of fall.

Apple Centerpiece

If you’re entertaining, a table centerpiece can say a lot about your home. Create a festive one by filling a basket with small apples (either red, green, yellow, or a mix), walnuts, acorns, and crafty items like grape vines, gold leaves, and stones. You can arrange each item in a row for structure or mix them up to create a cornucopia-like centerpiece.

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