10 Easy DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

With Thanksgiving only about a week away, you may be wondering what kind of decorations to use for your holiday gathering. At Oliver, we’ve got you covered. We found 10 great DIY Thanksgiving decorations that you can do in 30 minutes or less. The best part is – no one will know they were that easy!

Apple Candles

apple candles

Who doesn’t think “apples” when it comes to fall decor? You can easily make apples part of your “anywhere” decor or part of your centerpiece with just a knife and some tea lights. Using a pen or marker, trace the bottom of a tea light on the top of an apple, then cut out a hole that size. Drop the tea light in and light it for a nice rustic touch.

Pumpkin Pedestals

If you have candlestick holders, you can easily repurpose them and use them as pumpkin pedestals. Simply collect a few pumpkins or gourds that are about as big as the candlestick “dishes” and place them on display on your end table, dining room table or mantel.

Felt Acorns

felt acorns

You can decorate nearly any part of your home with a festive ceramic bowl and some felt acorns. To make the acorns, gather some wool roving (in whatever color you’d like), some acorn caps, dish soap, and a hot glue gun. Pull off a piece of wool roving about three times the size of your acorn cap. Roll it into a ball, then dip it in some soapy water. The fibers will constrict and you’ll get a much smaller, denser ball of wool. After the balls dry, use hot glue to attach them to your acorn caps. Then, sprinkle into a bowl or use them to garnish another decoration.

Pinecone Bowls

pinecone centerpiece

These days, you can buy pinecones at nearly any craft store that are scented with warm holiday fragrances like cinnamon or cranberry. Why not paint them a few different festive colors (like gold, red, silver, orange, etc.) and pile them all into a pretty glass bowl? Not only is this decoration fast and easy, it’ll add a nice cozy smell to your home.

Leaf Table Runner

fall table runner

If you have some burlap, some fall fabric, and some double-sided fusible web interfacing (like Heat’n Bond), you can make yourself a beautiful and festive table runner. Start by drawing out a few leaf designs, then trace them onto your interfacing. Roughly cut out each leaf and use an iron to fuse it to your fabric pieces. Then, cut the leaves out and fuse them to your burlap.

Candles & Berries

candles and berries

Add a touch of warmth to your dining room table with a display of candles and berries. All you’ll need for this decoration is a rustic, wooden tray, a few pillar candles, and some strings of berries that you can find at any craft store. Place the candles in the tray, then surround them with the berries to create a simple, homey centerpiece.

Leaf Mantlepiece

leaf mantlepiece

Most of the trees in the Northeast have lost their leaves, so collect a variety of whole, brightly colored ones to use for a leaf mantlepiece. Draw a large leaf onto a thin, wooden board, then glue each fallen leaf onto the board in layers until you create a beautiful work of art. Finish with a thin branch as a stem and a coating of gloss finish spray. Then, proudly display it on your mantle for a touch of fall.

A Thankful Tree

thankful tree

Get in the spirit of giving thanks by creating a “thankful tree.” All you’ll need is an array of twigs, a glass jar, some colorful paper, and a hole punch. Arrange the twigs in the jar so that they look like a tree, then create your own “thankful tree” label to display on or near the tree. After that, cut your colorful pieces of paper into fun shapes and punch a hole in each one so that guests can write what their thankful for and put them on the tree.

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