10 PVC Pipe Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Every year, stores, television commercials, and internet ads are filled with Mother’s Day gift ideas like chocolates, flowers, and candles (not to mention the push to make your brunch reservations). But this Mother’s Day, our heating and cooling service company suggests taking a break from the norm and treating mom to something homemade. We’ve found some great PVC pipe crafts that are not only affordable, but easy to make!

Kitchen Organizer

Every mom loves an organized kitchen, right? With this tutorial by Ashbee Design, you can create a wall- or cabinet-mountable organizer for mom’s pots, pans, spoons, measuring tools, and more. All you need is PVC piping in several diameters and foam-backed mounting tape. You can even get creative and paint the pipes different colors!

Double Laundry Bin

Double laundry bins come in handy for separating large loads of lights and darks, but many times, they’re pretty pricey. Make mom her very own double laundry bin that’s customized to her favorite color or pattern. Better Homes and Gardens shows you how to do it using PVC piping, spray paint, and fabric.

Custom Lamp

Lamps can add a nice warm ambiance to any room, and PVC lamps are super-easy to make. Simply choose your desired PVC size and use a drill bit or small saw to carve a design into it. You can make it as classic or modern as you’d like. Then, fit a lightbulb into a cut (and empty) paper towel tube and slide the pipe over top. If your “lampshade” is larger than a paper towel tube, glue pieces of another tube on either side to make it fit snugly inside.

Bubble Wreath

Wreaths are great to hang on your front door year round, and what’s better than a wreath that’s great looking and durable? To make a wreath for mom, grab some PVC pipes in various sizes and cut them into 3-inch pieces. Then, use a hot glue gun to glue together into a “bubble” wreath. The best part is you can paint the pipes any color you want and even fill them with decorative bulbs for extra flair.

Wine Rack

PVC pipes come in a wide variety of diameters, which means you can easily find one that will fit a wine bottle. Follow these simple instructions by Daily Savings and you can make mom her very own stylish wine rack that can hold as many bottles as you’d like. Bonus: Use this same technique (but bigger pipes) to make her an organizing shoe rack.

Hair Styling Tool Holder

This awesome Mother’s Day gift is perhaps the easiest craft on our list. All you need is a Y-shaped (or double Y-shaped) PVC pipe piece that’s big enough to hold mom’s hair dryer, curling iron, straightener, or any other hair styling tools she has. To make it even more unique, coat the piece with some pretty paint before giving it to her.

Floating Planter

If your mom loves plants, why not make her a beautiful windowsill floating planter? This craft takes a little more time, but it’s something we know she’ll love. Grab a large PVC pipe, some rocks and soil, and a few of mom’s favorites plants or herbs and follow these instructions from A Beautiful Mess.

Jewelry Holder

Does mom wear a lot of bracelets and necklaces? Give her a great place to store it all with a DIY jewelry holder. We found a great video tutorial for making one (though the girl in the video uses paper towel tubes – we think PVC pipes would be better).

Sewing Organizer

Sewing accessories are small, and between bobbins, needles, spools of thread, and buttons, they can get easily lost or misplaced. Use several different sizes of PVC pipe and cut them into 2-inch or 3-inch pieces. Glue the pieces together and coat them with a crafty shade of paint and mom will have the perfect place to store her accessories.


Birdhouses always make great gifts – especially ones that are resistant to outdoor elements. With some PVC piping, a saw, and a piece of wood you can make this adorable birdhouse that mom can put anywhere in her yard. Like many of our other crafts, you can make it unique by painting it to match her garden or make it her favorite color.

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