14 Ways to Repurpose Broken Household Items

Every year, homeowners throw away thousands of household items that have broken, chipped, frayed, or have otherwise become useless. With a little creativity and some effort, however, these items can be anything but. Our HVAC installation company shares some favorite ideas for repurposing common household items:

Picture Frame Earring Holder

If you break the glass in a picture frame, use the frame to create an earring holder. Cover the cardboard insert with paper or fabric, then cut a piece of chicken wire to fit the frame opening and fasten to the frame back. You’ll have a perfect place to hang your earrings.

Wicker Basket Recycler

Have an old wicker basket that’s broken or fraying? Depending on the size, place one or two small trash can inside and turn it into a recycling center. You can even fashion a lid from an old piece of wood. Just drill a few holes, string some yarn through, and attach.

Bottle Cap Tea Lights

Though bottle caps technically aren’t broken, they do end up in the trash – repurpose them by creating tea lights instead. Place a wick in the middle of each bottle cap, then fill with melted wax (from an old candle or even old crayons!). Trim the wicks and light.

Terracotta Garden Markers

If you have several terracotta pots that are cracked or broken, use a piece of lid as a garden marker. Simply write your plant or herb on the pot and place the curved shapes in front of your crop so you know where everything is.

Mosaic Plate Planters

Accidentally break a plate? Take a hammer to it and break it further (into half-inch pieces). Glue each piece onto a terracotta pot and let dry. Spread grout around the pieces and wipe with a damp towel to level. Once dry, you’ll have a decorative planter.

Stemware Flower Accents

Nothing is worse than breaking the stem of a beautiful wine glass or martini glass. Instead of tossing the glass, sink it into the dirt of a potted flower plant and add a votive candle. Then light it for a cozy accent.

Door Coat Rack

Old doors of all kinds can easily be transformed into a beautiful coat rack for your entryway. Simply repaint or re-stain the door and attach large hooks to a smooth area. For uniformity, replace the doorknob with one that complements the hooks.

Chair Swing

If you have a chair with legs that are in bad shape, remove them altogether and drill four holes in the chair seat (two in the front, two in the back). String some heavy-duty rope through the holes and attach hardware to a tree or porch ceiling and hang your new swing.

Mini Blinds Picture Frame

Don’t throw away your blinds just because one or two are broken. Instead, detach them from their cords and stack them in a rectangular shape to create a unique picture frame. You can get creative by cutting them into different sizes and layering them large to small as you go.

Teacup Curtain Tiebacks

If you have teacups with chips or cracks on the cup portion, you can turn them into adorable curtain tiebacks. Simply drill a large hole through the bottom of the cup, slip your curtain through, and hang the teacup on a wall hook.

Ladder Bookshelf

If you have an old wooden ladder that can’t be used anymore, sand it down and refinish it with paint or stain. Then, lean it up against your wall and use it as a rustic shelving unit!

Tin Can Hairbrush Holders

Instead of recycling your used tin cans, remove both ends and paint them or cover them with Washi tape. Then attach them to your bathroom wall or cabinet and use them to hold your hairbrushes.

Bucket Serving Containers

Buckets with holes may seem useless, but you can easily repurpose them into silverware, condiment, or napkin containers for your outdoor parties. Give them a new paint job and line with a decorative piece of fabric – then fill with your goodies!

Rake Utensil Holder

An old metal rake makes a great kitchen utensil holder while adding a rustic accent to your decor. Simply remove the rake handle, attach the toothed portion to the wall (teeth facing out), and hang your spoons, spatulas, whisks, and more.

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