5 Things To Get You Through A Stormy Weekend

Last night’s storms were definitely wicked, and it looks like there may be more headed our way this weekend. So here’s a handy-dandy list of five things you can do to be ready for a stormy weekend, with or without power:

1) Have plenty of grill-friendly food on hand (and don’t forget to fill up the propane tank) so you can barbecue between rain showers. It’s also a good idea to have takeout menus from different parts of town, in case your first choice loses power. Looking to try out a new place? Check or their mobile app for local reviews.

2) If your yard is full of broken branches, why not let the kids get crafty? Make sure

Tree house made from downed branches

Get creative with the aftermath of a storm!

 Mom or Dad cuts the pieces, but the little ones can design their own tree house like this one:

3) Pick up a new card or board game everyone can play. My personal favorite? Skip-Bo! My cousins and I used to play it on camping trips, it saved many a rainy weekend from disaster.

4) Storms are also a good reminder to update your family’s emergency kit. In case of, you know, a zombie apocalypse. Or floods.

5) Throw an impromptu Olympics party – what’s more British than making the best of a rainy day?

Have a great weekend everyone, don’t let the rain ruin your fun!

– Shanna

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