5 Things We Would Have Thrown Out BP (Before Pinterest)

Your home should always be a comfortable place, your own personal refuge from the world. We’ve got your major systems covered, but what about those little touches that make a house complete? Thanks to Pinterest, you may not need to look any further than your kitchen drawers! Here are 5 of our favorite “upcycles” of items you may have thought out-lived their usefulness:

Attach a cheese grater to the wall to hold pens & pencils.

1) Turn an old cheese grater into a pen and pencil holder. Would look pretty natural in a kitchen, but I bet you could turn some heads bringing this into the office.

1) Cheese Graters

When the cheese grater just isn’t up to the job anymore, you’ve got a handy wall hanger for your pens & pencils! Or cooking utensils, or mail, or…









2) Baby Furniture

It can be really tough to part with, but why go through the angst when you could have this adorable activity center instead?

2) An outgrown crib becomes an activity center for little ones.

3) Light Bulbs

When you’re in the process of a lighting upgrade to energy efficient bulbs, don’t undo your good work by sending the old ones to the landfill! They make really cute bud vases.

3) Blown lightbulb? Or teeny tiny planter?










4) Rakes

A broken handle doesn’t have to be the end of the line for your trusty garden rake.

4) When life hands you a broken rake…make a garden tool rack.

5) Busses?

Seriously, who has one of these? Or thinks to do this? Pretty cool though!

5) Turn that old bus that’s taking up space in the garage into a nifty little office! Wait…what?


And of course, don’t even get us started on all the things to do with mason jars and corks! What’s your favorite “unique touch” item in your house? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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