6 Easy Ways to Add Halloween Spirit to Your Home


Halloween is fast approaching and if you haven’t decorated your home yet, there’s still time! Here are six easy ideas from our HVAC and plumbing company that can add some spirit to both the interior and exterior of your home:

Porch Pumpkins

What better way to say “Happy Halloween” than with some pumpkins? Pumpkins come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, so get creative and stock up. Try clustering or stacking several pumpkins together on either side of your front door or along your steps. Or break out the paints and paint some fun patterns or designs on them. You can even go traditional and carve some scary faces or a fun message.

Hanging Crows or Bats

Another easy way to add some spooky fun to your home is to hang black crows or bats around your rooms. You can usually find plastic crows and bats at your local party store, so all you’ll need is some black yarn or string and some tape or tacks. Wherever you hang them, hang them at different heights to give them a realistic quality (but don’t hang them so low that guests bump their heads on them).

A Festive Wreath

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas and with that said, there are tons of fun, festive Halloween wreaths you can either buy or make. Hang a playful candy corn wreath above your mantel and an orange felt flower wreath on your front door. Or up the creepiness factor with a wreath made from “eyeballs” or one of these other spooky Halloween wreaths.

Spider Webs

One of the easiest ways to add some Halloween spirit to nearly anywhere in your home is with spider webs. Head to your local party store and grab some stretchable spider webs that you can string along your banister, in the corners of your doorways, around your fireplace, along the ceiling of your porch, and more. It’s easy to get creative!

Colored Lights

Colored lights are a great way to add some Halloween ambiance both inside and outside your home. Swap out your regular porch lights for yellow, orange, or even purple lights to make your home look a little haunted. Or if you have exterior spotlights, illuminate your whole house in Halloween colors. Inside, try lining your mantel with strands of colorful lights or placing some colored candles in your windows. If you have a chandelier, you can even swap out the bulbs to give the room an old mansion-y glow.


While you can hang a festive banner from nearly anywhere, one of our favorite places is across the mantel. Use some black and orange glittery felt to make geometric banner. You could even find a simple strand of craft leaves or tie some shiny ribbon tassels to a string for a pop of color.

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