Easy, elegant centerpieces: A Pinterest project review

We’re having a lot of fun here at Oliver trying out new recipes and projects from Pinterest! Today I’m sharing one that I tested this past weekend for a family dinner party. I give the starting point a thumbs up and the finished product two thumbs up.

I usually like to give credit to the original sources and compare their instructions with the actual experience. In this case, either this has been repinned too many times and the link is no good anymore or the original link went to a blog’s main page and the post has been lost in the shuffle, so today you get what I got: the picture and the description which is basically a materials list. (Clicking on the picture will take you to my own Pinterest board in case you want to repin it.)

What the materials list doesn’t tell you is the size and quantity of what you need, or how to put it together which is trickier than it looks. So I’ll help you out and save you the couple of “trials by error” that I did – because, trust me, it is no fun fishing lemon slices out of the mouth of a Mason jar, especially if you nicked your finger when slicing them in the first place!

I used the large size Mason jars and two lemons per jar. One grocery store bunch of white carnations was enough to fill two jars, although next time I would add some other flowers to make it a little more robust. The lemon slices that ended up being flexible enough to squeeze through the mouth of the jar but still stand up were about a quarter to a half inch thick – one of two reasons I ended up fishing lemon slices out of the jar!

The other was in figuring out the right order to fill the jars. This turned out to be: flowers, then lemons, then water. If the lemons go in first, they will fight you to the death about being seperated. I didn’t even try water first because of the splash factor. But when the flowers go in first, you can press them to the side with your thumb and slide the lemon slices in around them. Rotate the jar as you go and try to pack the slices in pretty tightly so they don’t float away when you add the water.

Once I figured out the order and the thickness of the lemons, the second jar only took me about five minutes to put together. And everyone loved them, so it was well worth the effort. I’ve definitely added this one to my go-to quick decorations repertoire – I plan to do variations with oranges and limes too!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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