FriDIY Kitchen Makeover: Spice Storage

How is everyone doing with their resolutions now that we’re a week and a half into the new year? Hopefully great! But just in case your “eat healthier and cook at home” resolution is clashing with your “keep my house organized” resolution, we’d like to offer this very simple solution to a common kitchen dilemma: how to keep your spices out of the way but still easily accessible. What are your best simple organizational tips?


A couple of years ago, I discovered two little spice shops in our local farmers’ markets, and have not bought a single bay leaf from a grocery store since. They have absolutely everything you can imagine in herbs and spices, and at very reasonable prices.

The one drawback is that the spices comes in these little baggies, which aren’t the easiest to store. So I went to my local Bed Bath & Beyond looking for spice jars to pour them into. I quickly realized that it would end up costing me more to store them than I was paying for the spices themselves, and that the jars were too small for the generous portions in the baggies. And then, one day, I had my Oprah ah ha! moment while shopping in the grocery store.

Jelly jars. Simple, inexpensive (about $8 a dozen) jelly jars. And BONUS, they were not only big enough to hold a full bag from my spice merchant, but those nice wide mouths are big enough to dip a tablespoon into. Doesn’t it just drive you crazy when you’re trying to pour just enough herbs out, and they stick together until you tap the bottle and then they go all over the place? Yeah, not a problem anymore!

So this is what my spice rack looks like now (yes, I’m a lucky girl with a built in spice shelf in my kitchen!): 

I also noticed a couple of weeks ago that the Pioneer Woman does the same thing, so I feel like I’m in good company with this discovery!

(Reproduced with permission from our Marketing Coordinator’s personal blog).