FriDIY: Stop Hating The Snow

A long time ago, in a magical place called “December,” a lot of people looked forward to snow. It was so pretty! It meant Christmas was coming! Days off! Hot chocolate! Sledding! Anyone who isn’t soooo over it by now is probably a) only visiting the area or b) a kid who hasn’t realized that all the snow days are starting to cut into summer vacation. We’ve covered a lot of the bases for staying safe, >keeping your home running in the cold, and getting through power outages, but how about bringing a little fun back into winter? We did a little digging, and found 7 fun ways to make the most of snow before it’s time to start complaining about heat waves:

Make Snow Trays For Little Ones

Snowsuit on. Boots on. Where are your mittens? OK, here they are. Hat and scarf on. “Mommy? I gotta go potty.” If you’ve had it up to your ears with this routine, shake things up a little and bring some snow inside for pretend play fun.

Try a Science Experiment

This looks like a great activity for elementary school age children – bring a bucket of snow inside and test different methods of melting it.

Paint On Ice

Science and art come together in this fun project – freeze your ice sculpture the day before, either in your freezer or leave outside overnight, and then paint with salted food coloring or liquid watercolors.

Make An Outdoor Kitchen

Bring out measuring cups, molds, bowls, and other kitchen utensils and let kids create a feast of snow.

Make an Obstacle Course or Maze

This looks like it would work best in light snow for younger kids, but older kids could be put to work shoveling a path through deeper snow. Build snow obstacles to work around, or challenge points where you have to complete an activity (like “make a snow angel”) before moving on.

Build A Snow Castle

Start thinking summer thoughts and break out the beach toys to build the igloo of all igloos. Bonus if you make it into a house for a favorite toy to play in.

What are your favorite winter activities? Let us know!


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