FriDIY: Think Spring – Start A Garden

I really didn’t want to pull out our tips for getting through the bitter cold again so soon, but Mother Nature had other plans for this week. While I shoveled snow, I started daydreaming about spring and lovely growing things. I’ve never been a gardener, but the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of learning to become one. So while I was warming up I took a look through Pinterest (where else?!) and found five things I can start doing now to start a garden that will be ready to go when the polar vortex decides to whirl on home for good. Here’s my to-do list, what would you add?

Make a plan

Do I want to grow herbs, vegetables, or flowers? What seeds or full plants should I buy? Where will I keep them indoors? What will be planted outdoors eventually, and where will it go?

Upcycle some household items to start seeds

I had heard about using egg cartons, but it turns out there are many ways to start seeds with common household products like toilet paper tubes and newspaper.

Paint some pretty markers for the plants I plan to grow

If you don’t have any rocks handy, here’s a cute version using wooden spoons instead!

Start a compost bin

My neighbor is an avid gardener, and I contribute to her compost pile regularly, but I think it would be a good idea to start a smaller one at our house too.

Involve the kids

My little one is too young to do much this year, but I’m sure he will have fun splashing water everywhere! If you have older kids, here are some fun ways to get them involved in a garden project:

Think spring everyone!