Last-Minute Decorations for Your Halloween Party

Well, Halloween is finally here and if you’re running behind on your festive decorations, have no fear. We’ve collected some of our favorite ideas from the internet that you can create in just a few minutes with just a few supplies. Let us know which you like most!

Spooky Window Silhouettes


If you have some black poster board and some double-sided tape, you have everything you need to create spooky silhouettes for your windows. Simply choose a festive image (such as a cat, a graveyard, a haunted house, a witch, and more) and trace it onto your poster board. Then, cut them out and attach them to your windows using double-sided tape. Turn on the lights in the room and your outside guests will see some fun Halloween scenarios.

Glowing Eyes

glowing eyes

Turn old toilet paper or paper towel rolls into spooky glowing eyes with just a pair of scissors and some glow sticks. Cut out a variety of Halloween eyes (cat eyes, monster eyes, evil eyes, etc.) and choose a glow stick color to illuminate them. Then, place them in your bushes, hang them from your trees, or place them strategically throughout your yard.

Eerie Living Room

Hosting a Halloween party? Make things equally easy and eerie by covering your furniture with some plain white sheets. Not only will you create a creepy ambiance, you won’t have to worry about spills or stains.

Illuminated Ghost Garland


Spruce up your fence with a string of white lantern lights, some white fabric, string, and a Sharpie marker. Cut out 14″ squares of fabric (how many you cut is based on how many lanterns there are) and cut a small hole in the middle of each square. Then, remove the lantern from the light and string the light through the fabric hole. Wrap the fabric around the lantern and tie it with a string just underneath. Then, draw on some ghost faces.

Hanging Tree Bats

Make these adorable hanging bats to put outside in your trees from just a few craft items. You’ll need black craft foam, some googly eyes, a hole punch, and fishing line. Draw out a bat pattern on a piece of paper and use it to cut out several bats from your foam. After that, punch a hole in the bottom of each one and string some fishing line through. Attach a couple googly eyes and you’re done.

Cute Mummy Lights

mummy lights

Need a few accent items for your end tables or fireplace mantle? Gather up several glass jars or vases (of different shapes and sizes), some gauze, and some googly eyes. Use regular glue or craft glue to attach the end of a piece of gauze to the top of a jar. Wrap the gauze around enough times to make the jar nearly opaque, then cut off the excess and glue the other end to the bottom of the jar. Attach a couple googly eyes and place a candle in the jar to light up your mummies.

Bloody Handprints

Love the scariness that Halloween brings with it? Celebrate it by making some bloody handprints you can attach to your windows. Lay down a piece of wax paper and dip your hand into a bowl full of Elmer’s glue. Then, place your handprint on the wax paper and let it dry. In another bowl, mix glue with several drops of red food coloring (and one or two drops of blue to darken the red). Repeat the process and put your “bloodied” handprint on top of your original one. After it’s dry, peel it off and stick!

Spider Webs

Who knew black trash bags could come in handy when it comes to Halloween decorations? Turn a trash bag into two squares of plastic by cutting the seams. Then, fold each square in half diagonally to form a triangle, then in half two more times (think of when you make paper snowflakes). Draw a “stem” and several scalloped edges on your triangle, then unfold into a spider web.

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