Last-Minute Ways to Spruce up Your Home for Christmas

mason jar lights

It’s nearly here – or should we say they’re nearly here… If you’re expecting friends or family for Christmas, we know you’ll want your home to look clean, cozy, and most of all, festive for the holiday. If you’ve spent more time shopping and not enough time on the latter, we’re here to help. Our heating and cooling service experts have some easy ways to add a touch of Christmas before company arrives:

Christmas Light Accents

Hanging Christmas lights doesn’t have to be a chore or take up your whole day – just adding a few strands to certain areas of your home will bring on that cozy effect. String a strand around your bathroom vanity, wrap some around your stairway banister, or fill up a line of mason jars with them for a rustic touch.


Not only are pinecones easy to find (whether they’re outside your front door or at your local craft store), they’re also easy to decorate with. Try dropping a handful into a festive bowl or a tall vase for an easy mantle or end table decoration. Or, glue a variety of them onto a metal wreath frame and spatter them with some white paint to create a front door masterpiece. You can even paint them if you have time.

Glass Dome Ornaments

You can find packs of plastic ball ornaments in a variety of colors nearly anywhere, so pick up a set and find a nice glass dome to go with them. Fill the dome up with the ornaments, then turn it over and use a ceramic plate as a base. You’ll have a classy, beautiful decoration that you can easily place on your mantle or pair a few together and use them as a centerpiece.


Nothing says Christmas like a poinsettia plant. These days, poinsettias come in a wide variety of sizes, which makes it easy to use them around the house. Place small plants on window sills to add a pop of color to any room and use larger plants outside your front door for a welcoming entrance. You can line a dish with the flowers and place a pillar candle in the middle for a nice coffee table decoration.

Festive Touches

Some festive touches go a long way when it comes to Christmas cheer. Try replacing your kitchen towels and bathroom towels with holiday-themed towels. You can also swap out your hand soaps and candles for ones with festive scents. Also try hanging some mistletoe over a doorway that gets a lot of traffic.


Just like Christmas lights, garland can be hung in numerous places to give them a little cheer. Wrap some garland around your stairway banister, drape some across your mantle, or line your front doorway and add some Christmas lights for a festive welcome sign. Spruce the garland up even more by adding some red bows, candy canes, paper snowflakes, and more.

Colored Water Candles

Have some floating candles, food coloring, and several wide-mouthed glasses? You’ve got an easy decoration on your hands. Simply fill the glasses with water and dye each one either red, green, or blue, depending on your preference. Then, drop in your floating candles and line up or cluster the glasses together for a cheery accent to any table.

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