Start Your Christmas Decorating Early with These 8 Ideas

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas will be here before we know it! Get into the holiday spirit early by decking your halls with garland, candles, lights, bows, and more. Here are some decorating ideas from our heating and cooling company:

Break Out the Garland


The great thing about Evergreen garland is you can you use it nearly anywhere in your home to add some holiday cheer. Wrap it around your staircase banister, around your hanging light fixtures, across your fireplace mantel, above your mirrors, and more. You can even add lights, bows, or small ornaments to it for more flair.

Go Plaid


For a rustic, homey touch, choose plaid as a decoration theme this year. Wrap your presents in various plaid-colored wrapping paper, choose plaid ribbon to accent your Christmas tree, create plaid pillow covers for your couch and chair pillows, and even create your own plaid votive candle holders. You’ll give your entire home a cozy feeling.

Up the Front Door Appeal


Why not impress your family, friends, and passing neighbors by giving your front door a holiday makeover? String garland around your front door, columns, and/or banisters, hang ornaments from the ceiling, add a colorful wreath, or get creative with oversized Christmas bows. You can even keep it simple by displaying festive poinsettias on either side of your door or on your porch stairs.

Create a Stunning Centerpiece


Why not make your table centerpiece the focal point of your decor this year? Start with large glass cylinders of different sizes and fill them with festive ornaments, pinecones, berries, and even red roses. Then, group them together on your table and lay pieces of garland around and in-between them. Finish the centerpiece off with some gold or silver votive candles.

Add Some Faux Gifts


Nothing says Christmas like some neatly wrapped gifts, so why not create a few of your own to use as decoration? Take a few old boxes of various sizes and wrap them neatly with wrapping paper colors that complement each other. Finish them off with some pretty ribbon or a bow and stack them neatly on your end table, coffee table, or mantel.

Include Your Mailbox


If you have a mailbox at the end of your driveway, why not turn it into a decorative piece for all to see? Tie a big red bow to the base or wrap garland around it. Or, you can cover the actual box with wrapping paper and turn it into a present. If you have a mailbox built into a brick or stone column, try adding some decoration to the top of the column.

Ribbonize Your Tree


Everyone puts ornaments on their tree, but not many drape ribbons down it. For a unique look, grab a large embroidery hoop and tie just one end of long ribbon pieces to it (you can use scraps you have or search the remnants section of your local fabric store). Then, slip the hoop over the tree so that you have cascades of ribbon falling down it.

Put Some Glow in Your Windows


Small touches can really make your home a cozy one for the holidays. If going all out with the decorations isn’t your thing, keep it simple by placing an electric candle in each of your windows. Then, put them all on a timer so that they turn on as soon as the sun goes down for a warm glow.

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