8 Celebrities Who Are Green Energy Advocates



At Oliver, we love people who go green – especially when they’re celebrities! If you didn’t know, there are many famous individuals and groups in the world who put in the effort to minimize their carbon emissions and live their lives in an environmentally friendly way. Here are eight who are green energy advocates:

Brad Pitt

After Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation opted to build 150 “safe, sustainable homes” and a solar-powered playground in the area’s lower 9th ward. Since then, the foundation has been building green homes and apartments in areas around the country. His other foundation, the Jolie-Pitt Foundation, works to eradicate poverty, protect natural resources, and conserve wildlife.

Barenaked Ladies

During their tours, music group Barenaked Ladies uses tour buses that are run on biodiesel fuel and implements as many concert-venue recycling programs as possible. At each of their concerts, they also feature an “eco-village” that lets guests learn more about the environment and how to cut down on emissions.

Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio co-wrote, narrated, and produced the documentary “The 11th Hour,” which focuses on global warming. He also has his own award-winning foundation (the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation) that teams up with other environmental groups to bring awareness to people about global warming, renewable energy, and environmental preservation.

The Queen of England

Back in 2002, the Queen of England decided to install geothermal heating and cooling system for her art gallery. She loved it so much, she had a system installed for Buckingham Palace. The queen is also interested in wind power, and in 2008, she bought the prototype for the world’s biggest wind turbine.

Dave Matthews Band

This Grammy Award-winning band makes sure that their concert generators are powered by biodiesel fuel and that there are recycling and compost stations backstage. In addition, the band commissioned UPS to transport its equipment more efficiently and offsets its emissions by donating to organizations that plant new trees and support wind power.

Ed Begley, Jr.

Begley has been known as an environmental leader in the Hollywood community and often rides his bicycle to major events. He serves on the boards of several green groups (such as Tree People, the Environmental Media Association, Friends of the Earth, and Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy) and also has his own line of green cleaning products called Begley’s Best.

George W. Bush

Bush and his wife Linda own a 1,600-acre ranch in Texas that features geothermal heating and cooling, solar energy, and a grey water system, all of which use only 25% of the energy that a traditional American house uses. In addition, the couple’s Tennessee home is LEED-certified and features energy-efficient windows, lighting, and appliances.

Jack Johnson

The Hawaiian singer/songwriter teamed up with his wife to start the Kokua Hawaii Foundation, which educates Hawaiians about the environment. In addition, he makes sure that all of the energy he uses during concerts is 100% renewable, the lighting used is energy efficient, and that at least 50% of the total waste generated is recycled.

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