A Harvest Of Light

We are all farmers in our own certain way in business. We plant seeds with customers, we grow our market and expand our fields, and at certain times of the year you hear someone say “You gotta make hay when the sun shines”. We work those long hours at peak times when your product is in demand. You know when those times are coming just by your business model.

For those of you who have a production business you usually have a warehouse in the back of your facility that holds the products you’re selling. You have employees with forklifts that run around and bring the product to the trucks for loading. Usually the lighting in your warehouse are the types of lights that you see in the old gymnasium (Metal Halide bulbs) that put out about 400 watts per bulb. If you add up the wattage of about 25 bulbs it would equal 10,000 watts or 10 KW per hour. And in this day and age you will not be able to buy these old bulbs anymore as they have become a thing of the past.

So  let’s put it all together now. With today’s technology the new lighting term is “LIGHT HARVESTING” which means the use of skylights and sunlight in the warehouse to allow light to shine through and reduce the artificial light needed to illuminate the warehouse, therefore reducing your energy costs. “FREE LIGHTING IS GOOD LIGHTING” and again reduces your warehouse costs. You will still need some lighting but you will also have the ability to use sensors to change the light intensity based on cloudy days, or when you are using your warehouse at night.

So why not grow your business by harvesting light to reduce your energy costs? It may cost a little upfront money but the payback is usually seen within 2-3 years and it also allows your lighting to last longer.

For more information about light harvesting, call 484-477-0461 and speak to Matt Williamson, our Energy Specialist.

Did you know: Oliver does assessments of  your commercial heating systems efficiency? With a series of tests we can determine how efficient your system is running.

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