Geothermal Energy Is Used for More Than You Think

Over the past several years, natural resources have become more and more prominent in today’s world of energy. One energy that’s gaining in popularity and is used for a wide variety of processes and applications is geothermal. Here, we share its many uses:

In Homes

At a certain depth, the ground maintains a constant heat that can be used to power HVAC systems for homes. With a geothermal HVAC installation, you can enjoy consistent heat or air conditioning that gets its power from the ground. These systems feature a loop operation that circulates water through buried pipes. The ground warms the water in the pipes, then transforms it into heat or cold air and pumps it to your home. This type of HVAC installation can help you reduce your emissions and save energy.


On Farms

Outdoor temperatures aren’t always suitable for growing things like fruits, flowers, vegetables, or herbs, which is why many are grown in greenhouses around the country. It’s in these greenhouses that farmers rely on geothermal energy to keep the temperature just right and maximize growth.

Many farms that collect and sell milk from their cows also use geothermal energy for pasteurization. In order to pasteurize milk, it must be done at a high temperature to prevent bacterial growth, so farmers use geothermal energy to heat the milk and then to cool it back down before they package it.

Fish farms also use geothermal energy. Farmers in places like Idaho, Oregon, Japan, and China are able to use it to warm their water and promote the growth of a variety of fish to be eaten and sold.

For Preservation

Drying is a great way to preserve things like fruits, meats, or herbs, and geothermal energy can come in handy when doing so. Many food and agricultural industries take advantage of the hot water or steam produced by geothermal energy in order to remove moisture and preserve their goods.

Lumber mills also use the drying benefits of geothermal energy to dry their wood. In order to prevent a piece of wood from warping in the future, it must go through a drying process once it’s cut in order to set the sap. Using steam from geothermal energy instead of from boilers can help these mills save money.

Other Uses

There are many other industries where geothermal energy comes in handy, such as:

  • Soft drink carbonation
  • Cement and aggregate drying
  • Snow melting and de-icing
  • Pulp and paper processing
  • Ethanol and biofuel production
  • Fabric dying

Geothermal energy comes with a variety of benefits and can be used to cut down on your home costs. If you’re interested in a geothermal HVAC installation, simply give our experts a call and we’ll discuss if the choice is right for you.

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