Green Star: Citibank & CitiBike

We’ve caught another big company being good to the planet! Even better, it’s a big bank, and we all know how difficult it’s been to scare up good news about that industry for quite awhile.

Citibank announced plans earlier this month to partner with New York City and establish the nation’s largest bike share system at no cost to taxpayers. Members will pay an annual fee of $96 for access to 10,000 bicycles distributed at 600 locations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, most of them near transit points such as subway stations. Hopefully the program will be a success and expand throughout the city! I’ll check it out and report back next time I head up to the city for a show.

Bikes and bike shares are a great way to reduce reliance on cars for short trips. Bike shares very popular in Europe already, and are growing fast around the US. One city that’s lagging way behind is, unfortunately, our own Philadelphia – although I have seen them popping up in suburban cities. The idea has been brought up for years, and there’s an organized group trying to bring it to Philly. Visit to learn more about their efforts.

Mayor Nutter, if you’re listening – you know how much people in Philadelphia hate losing to New York? Well, they just beat us again. Better do something about that!

It’s not easy being green, but it’s better than being left behind.

– Shanna

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