If Your Company’s Rooftop Could Tell You – What Changes Has It Seen?

Hi, I’m Matt Williamson. I write a monthly energy newsletter for Oliver’s commercial and industrial clients about issues that we often encounter in the field. I’ll occasionally post them here, but if you want to make sure that your company is up to date, make sure to sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of this post!

For 10 years, I worked for an air balancing company that was hired to test and balance HVAC commercial duct systems. In this process, a design engineer completes a heatloss calculation based on the people, computers, lights, insulation, glass, and other factors present in the space. The calculation is the first step to making sure that the distribution of heated or cooled air throughout the space is correct. When this was done properly the workplace is more comfortable and your HVAC systems are working at its optimum level.

 So let me ask you this question:

“Since your building was built, has the layout of your space change? Are the same number of people occupying it? Were walls moved? Did you downsize? Upsize? Change from PC’s to laptops?”

If you have made any of these changes but still have that same rooftop unit you started with, it’s more than likely your system needs to be balanced or looked at. You see, when usage changes without adjustments to the original balance of air it can make for uncomfortable conditions, and uncomfortable employees. It’s a proven fact that uncomfortable employees are likely to be less productive in the workplace.

With Oliver’s National Balancing Council certification we have trained technicians and a supervisor (me) who can come out and take care of your air balancing needs. We can test your rooftops and air handling units using the NBC standards to see how efficiently your units are working. We do this by taking a series of temperatures and airflow readings to give you the exact percentage of efficiency, so you know where your current system stands. We can also apply these services to fume hood readings, kitchen hood readings, and all of your exhaust systems.

So your question back to me is “That’s great Matt, but does this really help my bottom line?” When your system is working at its optimum performance level, it saves you money on your energy costs. When your employees are comfortable they are more efficient and more productive – not to mention saving you energy spent on dealing with the office thermostat war.

Thank you for entrusting Oliver Mechanical for all of your commercial mechanical needs. And, Oliver now offers commercial plumbing services. We have service agreements that can meet your needs, delivered with the Oliver guarantees that you know and trust. Please ask your CMA representative for details.Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions or comments. 


 Matt Williamson, Energy Specialist

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