Is your server room gasping for air?

I am sure we are all aware that in this day and age, server rooms are the heart of any business. They start out as that closet or room in the back corner of your space. No one ever goes in it except the IT guy, and no one else really thinks about the server racks as long as their computer is working at their desk. But if your server goes down, so does your business and you may lose valuable and often irreplacable information. Today’s workspace energy food for thought is: “Have your servers and server room expanded with your business?” Over the years we add racks to these rooms as the business grows. And just like adding employees, adding servers also adds more heat load to these rooms, which puts a strain on the room’s air conditioning. Over the past year we have received many emergency calls related to air conditioning malfunctions in server rooms. We often find that the air conditioning in those rooms has not been re-evaluated along with server upgrades and can no longer keep up. If the problem is not corrected in time, your servers can overheat which reduces the life of both your servers and your air conditioners.    

 At Oliver we can do a complete analysis of your server room before and after you do an expansion to ensure your server rooms are working properly. Remember most small servers you add will each contribute approximately 4,450 btuh’s to the heat load in the room. So if you add three new servers it adds approximately an extra ton to the necessary cooling capacity. This is important to keep in mind when you are expanding your server room. Also, by properly sizing a unit it will run less and you will reduce energy usage.

 I hope you find this educational, and helpful. We all need help sometimes when it comes to these types of situations. Oliver likes to educate the customer to help them in the long run. It’s our dedication to our customers that makes us different. If your server room has expanded but the air conditioning for it has not been re-evaluated, give me a call or reply to this email – I’ll be happy to help!

Thank you for entrusting Oliver Mechanical for all of your commercial mechanical needs. And, Oliver now offers commercial plumbing services. We have service agreements that can meet your needs, delivered with the Oliver guarantees that you know and trust. Please ask your CMA representative for details.Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions or comments. 


 Matt Williamson, Energy Specialist 

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