Spotlight: Green Star for FedEx!

I would wish everyone a Happy Thursday, but we’re all still pretty bummed about last night’s Flyers game, so we’ll have to settle for “Bring on Game 5!!” instead.

I’m not a big fan of any one morning radio show. I kind of hop around the dial on my way in to work, but one that I listen to pretty regularly is the Marketplace Morning Report on NPR. One of the things that I like about the show is that they talk about different things that companies do well, and one of their recent reports really caught my attention.

Did you know that FedEx is going all out with an alternative energy program? I didn’t know this, but they’re updating their fleet with electric and hybrid vehicles and they’re putting in solar and other green energy options at their facilities. You can check out the details on their site here. I think it’s great to see a big company like that leading the way in alternative energy – so kudos to you, FedEx! Converting even part of a huge fleet like they have to alternative energy is a fantastic accomplishment.

Oliver is obviously much smaller than FedEx, but we are trying to do our part for a clean Earth as well. We produce solar energy at our headquarters (check out our production), and we offer options for homeowners too.

Do you know of other businesses, big or small, that deserve kudos for alternative energy development? I want to hear about them, please! Leave a comment and let us know who deserves a Green Star.

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