Which Bathtub or Shower Style Is Right for You?

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If you’re interested in a bathroom remodel, you may be thinking about a new bathtub or shower. With several different styles to choose from, knowing which one to pick may be a little overwhelming, so our bathroom remodel experts are here to help narrow them down:



Modular showers are the most popular style of shower and can either be built into one of your bathroom walls or built into a corner. These showers are usually made from acrylic and can come with basic, flat walls or with molded add-ons like seats or shelves.

Low/Zero Threshold

Showers with low or zero thresholds give you the ability to simply walk into the shower without having to step over something to get in. This look can help your shower flow into the rest of your bathroom layout and is ideal for elderly or disabled individuals.


Built-in showers are created by transforming one corner of your bathroom. Usually, your bathroom walls are all the same material and these square or rectangular showers enclose one or two of those walls. They’re often completed with tall glass and a glass door to make the design look transparent and seamless.



Want to make a statement with your bathtub? Opt for one that stands freely in your bathroom. Freestanding bathtubs usually come in very modern shapes and are installed so that they sit right on your bathroom floor on a flat bottom, with exposed sides.


If you’re looking for a bathtub that feels secluded, an alcove bathtub is a good choice. These tubs are rectangular, with three adjacent walls around them. This makes only one side of the tub is accessible and gives them a recessed look.


Clawfoot tubs were considered a luxury in the late 19th century and are designed with an elegant flare. These tubs are also freestanding, but instead of sitting on a flat bottom, they sit on clawed feet. They’re usually oval in shape and can feature a high back that makes them larger than standard bathtubs.


A drop-in bath tub is exactly what it sounds like – a tub that is dropped into a platform (which is usually rectangular). The platform gives the tub a decorative base and it’s usually installed against a wall or in a corner to make the tub blend into the rest of the bathroom.

Whirlpool/Air Tub

Like the idea of a bathtub that can also give you a massage? You may want to consider a whirlpool or air tub. Whirlpools shoot jets of water into the tub to create movement and relaxation while air tubs shoot air bubbles into the tub to energize the water.


Undermount bath tubs are similar to drop-in bathtubs, however, instead of the top lip of the bathtub being exposed, the platform material wraps around and sits flush with the interior of the tub. This feature gives the tub a seamless, stylish look.


If you want both a bathtub and a shower and want to maximize your bathroom space, opt for a tub/shower combination. You’ll have the luxury of a bathtub when you want it and the convenience of a shower when you need it.

Want more information about a new shower or bathtub? Give our bathroom remodel experts a call today at 1-888-810-2681.

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