18 Easy Home Organizing Tips



‘Tis the season for holiday parties, and being ahead of the game is always a plus. With these easy home organizing tips from our HVAC company members, you can be prepared for anything and can rest easy knowing your home will look great for your guests.


Make some extra space by creating your own wooden I-beams out of 2 x 4’s and plywood. Then, measure the width of your plastic storage bins and attach the beams to the ceiling accordingly. After that, just slide the bins in and they’ll be out of sight.

Use hanging shoe organizers to separate screwdrivers, nails, screws, hammers, wrenches, and other tools.

Put all of your instruction manuals into a three-ring binder so you’ll never have to go looking for them again.

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Don’t throw your bread clips away – instead, use them to keep cords organized. They can easily be color-coordinated or written on for an even cleaner arrangement.

Before you put your holiday lights away, wrap them around large pieces of cardboard. They won’t tangle while in storage and you’ll have a much easier time unraveling them to hang them.

Instead of having stacks and stacks of movies, put all the discs into a big CD/DVD case. You’ll save room without all of those plastic cases.


Attach magnetic strips to the inside of your medicine cabinet doors. Then, use them to hold bobby pins, hair clips, and anything else made of metal. You’ll never lose your hair accessories again!

Organize your sheets and pillow cases by buying some fun-colored bins or baskets. Then, attach a label to each and store them in the closet.

Use a tackle box to organize your make-up. You’ll have plenty of small compartments and it’s portable!


Reuse your six-pack containers to keep scissors, yarn, measuring tapes, and other craft supplies organized.

Use a pegboard to create a hanging organizer. You can easily hang ribbon, thread, scissors, paint brushes, and more.

If you have a junk drawer, use Altoids tins to organize paper clips, push pins, buttons, thumb tacks, and other small materials. They stack perfectly if you lay them on their side and you can use a label maker to make finding them even easier.


Keep track of grocery lists, bill due-dates, and appointment times by turning a small wall area into a chalkboard. Just outline an area with tape, molding, or a frame and paint it with a special coating of chalkboard paint.

Use magazine holders to store cling wrap, foil, and baggies. Then, keep them under the sink or in the pantry to free up some drawer space.

Organize your spices by separating them into pencil holder “baskets” so you can easily tell your savory spices from your sweet spices. If your spices are below eye-level, label the tops of them for an easy selection.


Once winter is over, store your coats, hats, thick blankets, and other bulky items in vacuum bags, then slide everything under the bed for next year.

Use a plastic over-the-door towel hook in your closet to hang all of your scarves or belts.

Need more space? Use small dressers as side tables. You’ll not only have the tops for your lamp, alarm clock, etc., but you’ll also have drawers underneath for things like socks, pajamas, and more.

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