5 People You See (& Don’t Want To Be) On The Road After A Snow Storm

We’ve already had more snow this week than in all of 2012, and I hear our third storm of the week will be arriving tomorrow. And I’m sure you can imagine how 100+ service & install vehicles can rack up a lot of windshield time. So when it comes to crazy things that drivers do, we’ve seen it all. And, unfortunately, when it snows, we see a lot more of them. Here are 5 best-of-the-worst people you see on the road after a storm:

1) Jack Frost.

He leaves a mountain of powdery snow on his roof, creating his own personal snow storm behind him as he drives.

Mountain of snow on car roof

Nobody wants to follow Mount Snowmore.

2) The Snowball Fighter.

OK, so most people don’t actually build snowmen on their roof (and thank God for that!) but leaving icy chunks on your vehicle that can fly off and hit someone else is just as bad.

Snowmen on a roof

Very festive. Until the kids realize that Frosty has been decapitated by highway wind speeds (but hey, physics!)

3) Tunnel Vision.
Peepholes in the windshield

Sadly, this doesn’t even look like they ran the wipers, that peephole looks more glove-sized to me!

Running the wipers does not, repeat NOT, count as cleaning off your car.

4) The Snowhawk.

Nice try, but no cigar. A clear roof is clear all the way across (even if you need to buy a snow scraper with a longer handle!)

5) “Dude, Where’s My Road?”

Doesn’t brush off the hood, constantly braking when the snow flies up into the windshield.

Please don’t be this guy. (Photo credit: John Giles/PA Wire)

We picked some extreme examples here just for fun, but I’m sure you can all think of plenty of times you have seen people driving around like this locally. Please, please, please clean off your entire vehicle. It’s dangerous and illegal not to. If snow or ice flies off your vehicle and causes an accident, you can be held liable. It’s always best to stay off the roads and let the emergency crews do their jobs, but when that isn’t possible, the next best thing is to take the time to clear your vehicle completely before you hit the road.

Did we miss any of your favorite love-to-hate winter drivers? Leave them in the comments!

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