8 Electrical Safety Tips for Your Home

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Electricity is a wonderful invention, but many of us forget that there are hazards that come with using it. Take some advice from our electrical wiring service experts and follow these electrical safety tips:

Don’t Overload Outlets

Don’t plug more than one high-wattage device into an outlet at a time. Also, make sure you know the maximum wattage that your wiring supply can handle and don’t plug in devices that exceed that wattage. Overloading your outlets can cause melted connections, burned insulation, or spark a fire.

Use Power Strips

Plug your appliances, television, computer, etc. into a surge-protected power strip. This way, if lightning strikes your electrical wires, it won’t destroy your possessions. Power strips can also help you save energy – turn them off when you’re not using what’s plugged into them.

Be Safe

Electrical fires can spread quickly and be extremely dangerous. If the fire extinguisher does not immediately put the fire out, evacuate all people and animals from the home and call 911 for help. Wait outside for the fire department, do not attempt to remain in the home and fight the fire yourself – your life and safety are more important!

Replace Cords

If your cords are frayed or damaged, don’t try splicing them or fixing them with tape. Instead, replace them with new ones to avoid an electrical malfunction.

Keep a Distance

Things like incandescent light bulbs and heaters get hot when they’re on and if they’re near anything flammable, could cause a fire. Make sure you keep them away from curtains, clothing, towels, upholstered furniture, and anything else that could catch fire.

Don’t Use Water

When you see a fire, your first instinct is to probably throw water on it. However, water conducts electricity, and in an electrical fire, it could actually make it worse. Instead, use your fire extinguisher.

Pay Attention to Your Breaker

Many times, when a breaker trips, it simply needs to be reset. However, if you reset your breaker and it immediately trips, it could mean there’s a bigger electrical problem. Don’t keep resetting your breaker – this could cause a fire. Instead, call an electrical wiring service like Oliver.

Know Bathroom Safety

Curling irons, hair dryers, radios, straightening irons, and other bathroom appliances should be kept far away from water sources like sinks, bath tubs, and showers. They should also be unplugged when not in use and stored in a safe place.

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