Catch ’em being good! (A Safety Sean Update)

We come across a lot of safety DON’Ts, and a lot of time it’s because someone didn’t take the extra time to think through what they’re doing and what the consequences could be. Sites like FailBlog and See I Fixed It! are full of them, sometimes hilarious, sometimes cringeworthy, and sometimes both. And with all those spectacular fails, we sometimes miss the opportunity to recognize people who are doing the right thing.

Today, I want to recognize Mike Gatlos, a member of Oliver’s great plumbing team. I received this picture from Dan Lippin, one of our residential sales estimators, who came across Mike’s truck out in the field. All of our techs carry these orange safety cones to help create a safety zone around their trucks and let the people around them know how much space to leave so that they can open their doors and unload tools and equipment without damage to any people or vehicles.

Way to go Mike for proper use of the cones when you didn’t think anyone was looking!

– Safety Sean