Enough April showers, bring on the May flowers

What kind of crazy weather has this been lately? I hope May is better at making up its mind than April was! I enjoyed the first few hot days, especially after my husband surprised me by bringing home a new Jeep a few weeks back. There’s just something about driving around with the roof off that reminds me how much I loved summer when I was a kid – maybe it’s the windblown hair? Directly related, I’ve decided this will be the summer of the scarf, old Hollywood style.

As much as I hate using A/C in the car, I appreciate it when I’m indoors (although my own house doesn’t have A/C, that’s a story for a different day). And I hate it when it breaks down, which always seems to be on the hottest days, especially holidays, doesn’t it? That’s no coincidence actually. Think about it – the higher the temperature, the more stress is on the unit to operate correctly. And on holidays, you’ve got people running in and out, opening doors, messing with your thermostat, etc. So is it really surprising that those are the days when problems turn into emergencies?

Your best bet for avoiding that is to have your system checked and tuned up regularly. Every spring, and every fall. Just like oil changes in your car, your home comfort system needs to be looked at regularly. Who wants to replace a compressor for $2000 on a 90 degree day in July when you can prevent the problem with a $200 contactor in May? I didn’t think so! Make the call, get the system checked out, save yourself a major headache.

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