Fireworks Safety

Fireworks are always a summer favorite and an American past time, but there are several safety guidelines that everyone should know about.







First and foremost, make sure you understand and obey your community’s regulations about fireworks. We are not, I repeat, NOT, encouraging anyone to break the law – these guidelines are just intended as helpful tips so everyone stays safe while celebrating! And here we go:

Always read the instructions first! Some fireworks go up and some shoot out, know where its going to go before you light it.
Always buy from a reliable retailer.
Always maintain a min of 20′ distance between the crowd and the fireworks.
Always have a fire extinguisher or a bucket of water nearby.
If the firework does not light off or the fuse goes out short, leave it in place for 15-20 minutes then carefully put the firework into a bucket of water.
Do not light any fireworks that were not stored in a cool dry place, the wrong conditions could cause damage to the fuse and ruin the effect or could light a lot faster than you want it to.

Happy Fourth of July!


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