After the Storm: Floods & Power Outages

Good morning, we hope that everyone made it through Sandy safely! The Oliver offices are back to normal operation, and we have a few tips for homeowners about what the cleanup means for your home’s comfort systems. The two most common problems today are power outages and flooding – what should you do to keep your family safe during the cleanup?

We’ll start with power outages. First thing is to make sure that all of your electronics are switched off and where possible, unplugged. A power spike or surge when electricity is restored can damage or destroy equipment including your HVAC system and major home electronics such as TV’s.  This is especially important if you have a heat pump. You also want to be sure that any downed power lines on your property have been reported to your electric company so that they can be properly removed and restored.

If your basement or yard around your outdoor HVAC equipment has flooded, there are a few steps you need to take. First, keep equipment turned off. Second, please be sure to completely remove all water from the basement before scheduling your appointment. Technicians and estimators cannot evaluate your system until the area is clean and dry. Third, manufacturer’s guidelines for HVAC equipment recommend replacing, not repairing, submerged equipment. Even if the equipment seems to work at the moment, these guidelines suggest replacing the equipment for safety reasons.

Stay safe everyone!


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