Know Your Exit Points

fire existI was watching the news the other night, and I saw an incredible video of a worker jumping from the fourth floor to the deck below on the third floor to escape the intense heat and flames of a fire that is still under investigation. He was rescued by a ladder truck with the help of a very brave firefighter who climbed up to help the worker climb to the ladder. He sustained only minor injuries and burns, which is a miracle considering what he had to do to get out.
This story reminded me of my first interaction with fellow tech Anthony Acobacey on a commercial property. As we were walking through a new building, I noticed that Anthony kept looking around as we moved through the building. I asked him what he was looking for and he replied that he was keeping his bearings and remembering how to get to both exit points of the building. He told me that the first thing he does at a job before beginning work is find the closest exit point in case of an emergency. He then found the exit plan and pointed it out to me, stating that as you are walking through the building keep on the look out for these diagrams and always know where are at in the building.
That fire on the news was at a brand new apartment complex in Houston that covered 4.5 acres and 396 apartments. There were over 200 construction workers on site and all got out without injury except for the one guy that could not get out on his own and had to be rescued. Most of the time people go to work and come home without injury, and we’re very glad that that is the case. But everyone should keep safety in mind and understand that safety training is in place so you don’t end up being the person who gets hurt – NO ONE wants to be that guy.
Enjoy the rest of your day and I hope this is the start of a great week for everyone! Work safe, and know there is a team of people on the safety committee and management team that are looking out for your best and safest interests.
Also – take a minute to thank a firefighter for the work they do. When others are running away, they are running in.
“Safety” Sean
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