North Pole Inc.

North Pole Inc.

Santa and the elves always deliver toys but there are many things we did not know about the North Pole Inc.  Here are some interesting facts listed below:

1.  Rudolph “the red nosed reindeer” helped develop air traffic control and was the inspiration to the blinking red “beacon” lights on top of buildings and towers.

2.  Santa Claus’ first job was a chimney sweep.  As you may guess his interview went well and was found to have the perfect job experience.

3.  North Pole Inc has a world renowned quality control department. (Have you ever received a broken toy from Santa?)

4.  The North Pole Inc has the lowest MOD rate of all manufacturing companies globally. Did you ever see a hospital at the North Pole?

5.  Santa’s sleigh is an acceptable anchor point for the reindeer and all the reindeer harness’ carry a 5000 lb rating.

6.  Santa’s flight path is sent in 1 month ahead of schedule and approved by the FAA and the Coast Guard prior to delivery.

7.  North Pole Inc applied for a business license for year round delivery but was denied by the US Dept of Commerce citing possible “anti trust” and “monopolizing” the industry. The elves are currently rumored to be running several clandestine Etsy shops.

8.  Blitzen and Cupid designed the first GPS.  Santa would unfold the map while crossing the Atlantic and it would always blow away.  The reindeer got tired of flying around in circles because Santa was too stubborn to stop and ask for directions.

9.   All of the elves’ uniforms are “ARC Flash Rated”.

10.    The world’s best CEO is and has been Santa Claus. He’s a marketing genius as he is the world’s most recognizable person.  Every kid wants to meet him and every parent wants to be him.  North Pole Inc ha billions of satisfied customers and the highest customer retention rate of any company.

The Safety Committee would like to leave you with a few almost-famous words:

“Merry Christmas to ALL and to ALL a good SAFE night”.

It’s the best week of the year so let’s stay focused, work safe, and spend some of the most memorable moments with your families and loved ones.

– Sean “The Safety Elf” & the Oliver Safety Committee

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