Plumbing Repairs: DIY or Call the Pros?

plumbing repair service

Owning a home means there are some projects you’ll probably take on by yourself, such as landscaping, painting, and decorating. When it comes to plumbing, however, it may be hard to tell whether your problem is something you can fix or something you should call the pros for. We’re here to help:


Leaking faucets are a relatively easy fix: First, shut off the water supply and close the drain so that nothing goes down it. Then, unscrew the handle(s). After that:

For ball faucets: Remove the adjusting ring, then twist off the dome-shaped cap. Remove the metal stem and ball and check the seats and springs. If they look damaged, they’re probably causing the leak. Simply replace these parts and put the sink back together, making sure the adjusting ring is tight.

For compression faucets: Remove the retaining nut around the stem of each handle. Pull out the stem assembly and check the rubber washer and O-rings underneath the packing nuts. If any of these items look damaged, replace them and your faucet should be as good as new.

For cartridge faucets: Pull out the cartridges underneath the handles and check both the cartridges and the O-rings. If anything (including the cartridge) looks to be in bad shape, simply replace it. This should stop the leak.

Installations & Replacements

Whether you’re installing a new sink or faucet or replacing your old one, we suggest you call our plumbing repair service professionals. Your new fixture needs to be installed correctly in order for the faucet lines to reach and, if you’re attempting a replacement, you could very well run into corroded pipes, poor fitting access, or hardware that you don’t have the right tools for. Some faucets may work better with certain sinks, so talk to us first. We can suggest the right bathroom or kitchen fixture for your home.


Due to the constant moisture, mold is a common occurrence around sinks, faucets, and other fixtures in your bathroom or kitchen. This pesky stuff can most likely be removed with a little elbow grease and bleach, vinegar, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide or another household cleaner.

Other times to call us:

If you ever experience a problem that you’re uncomfortable with, don’t have time to try to do yourself, or don’t have the skill level to do, don’t hesitate to call us – that’s why we’re here. Whether it’s a leak or a replacement, our plumbing repair service team would love to help!

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