School Bus Safety Week

October 21st to the 25th is National School Bus Safety Week for 2013! Safety Sean is celebrating with these reminders:

  • Hazard lights should be on when in a school zone.
  • Plan your morning commute around the school zones and bus stops.

Giving yourself extra time cuts down your stress levels if you do end up behind a bus, and keeps kids safe from situations where adults put their concerns for being on time ahead of safety rules. Who could forget this reckless driver?

Don’t be that person who even thinks about doing something like that!

A couple of other fall safety reminders:

  • Be careful of wet leaves as they can be as slippery as ice especially around corners.
  • The suns rays are strongest in the fall so even though it might not be hot, sunscreen is very important this time of year.
  • A reminder that when your wipers are on your headlights must be on as well. That is PA state law.

Thank you for your time and get ready to carve some pumpkins!!!

Safety Sean & the Oliver Safety Committee

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