Steps to Take After a Storm

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When a storm is coming, it’s important to prepare your home for it. But it’s also important to take the proper steps after the storm has passed. Winds and rain can cause both electrical and structural damages, so keep these things in mind:

Power Outages

If you lose power during a storm, make sure that all of your electronics are switched off and unplugged, if possible. Once your power comes back on, the surge can damage or destroy equipment like your heating & cooling system, television, computer, and more.

Also make sure that your electric company knows about any downed power lines on your property. This way they can be properly removed and restored. In addition, if you see any frayed wires or sparks while you’re inspecting your home, turn off your electricity immediately.

Flooded Basements

If a storm brings lots of rain and your basement is prone to flooding, you could end up with standing water. The first thing to remember is to never enter a flooded basement without taking the proper precautions. If you need to walk into the water, make sure the power is off.

Also make sure your gas is turned off before trying to assess your flood damage. Gas-powered hot water heaters, furnaces, and heaters have pilot lights that can be extinguished by standing water. This may allow gas to leak into your home. If your power is still out when you enter your basement, use a flashlight to inspect instead of a candle. This will limit your risk of a fire. And if you do smell gas, leave your home and notify the gas company as soon as possible.

Call Oliver

If you experience major damage to your home, call experts at Oliver. We can inspect your Electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems and assess your situation.

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