That’s The Way I’ve Always Done It

Happy Monday Everyone, 

I recently read an article in the National Safety Council Magazine that said one of the most common comments on new safety procedures was that “That’s the way I’ve always done it for years and I haven’t got hurt.”   It reminded me of the telephone that I remember using in my grandmother’s house as a child.  It was a black phone with gold colored numbers, and in order to make a phone call you had to pick up the handset (more like a 3 lb weight) and then place your index finger in the hole that corresponded to the first number, spin the dial all the way around to the right until it stopped, remove your finger, and watch as the dial spun all the way back around to the left. Then you would have to repeat for each digit of the phone number. You also had to sit right next to the phone because the cord was only about three feet in length. Next came the beige colored “base” phone, the wall mount with the 100 foot cord that tangled every time someone looked at it, then the cordless phone, and finally on to the cellular phone which we all love and can’t do without.

So what does all of this have to do with safety? The point of the story is that we still make phone calls today just like we did years ago, the difference is that the phones have changed. If you think about some of the other things we do every day, like climbing ladders and putting screws into metal, the difference is that we can now do it easier and more safely.  You have allowed technology to make your life more convenient, so why not allow technology to make your work safer?

Your safety is in your hands, so protect them.

Safety Sean