The best safety system in the world? CONSTANT VIGILANCE!

My fellow Harry Potter fans will recognize the phrase “CONSTANT VIGILANCE!” as roared by Alistair Moody – and even though we can’t all grow up to be Aurors, it’s still a good reminder that the best safety systems in the world are no good if they aren’t backed up by good old-fashioned, common sense!

Safety Sean recently brought this handout to the attention of all Oliver employees: Safety Moment

For anyone having trouble viewing the document, it’s a safety bulletin distributed by a fellow service contractor tht features a picture of a toddler who got stuck in the wheel well of the contractor’s van. Thankfully, this company requires employees to do a safety “walk-around” of their vehicles and the little boy was discovered and rescued unharmed.

It’s important to remember that even with all the safety developments that have come about, especially in newer vehicles, they should be treated as a backup system to good old-fashioned common sense. Be aware of your surroundings and the people who share them, especially curious young children (and animals!).

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