The More You Know, The Less It Hurts (A Safety Sean Update)

When I pulled onto a job site the other day someone said “The safety guy is here, I better get my safety glasses and my gloves on.”

I paused for a second and  I asked him, “Would you drive across the Walt Whitman bridge with out guard rails?” – he said “no”.  I asked would he drive down the Roosevelt Blvd with no traffic lights, he said no.  I asked if he would transport a small child in a car without a car seat, he replied never. 

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with kidding around with each other. Just keep in mind that there are serious reasons behind making safety a top priority. There are hundreds of things around you everyday that were invented and installed with the sole purpose of keeping you safe. We do our best to provide the right products to ensure that all of our mechanics are able to complete projects as safely as possible, and we try to arm all of our employees and customers with the best safety system of all – knowledge.

The more you know the less it hurts.

Safety Sean