Revenge Of An Angry Goddess: Exploding Toilet Recall & What You Should Do About It

Although it’s almost too easy to come up with jokes about exploding toilets, I’ll leave that to you in the comments and just point out that it’s no laughing matter to the several hundred people who have experienced it. Most of the damage so far has been to properties, but there have been a couple of serious injuries as a result of flying shards of porcelain. Rob Wagner & the Oliver plumbing team have been looking into this recall on behalf of our customers, and here is what they’ve found:

The recall notice from Flushmate indicates that there are 2.3 million affected units in the US, and an additional 9,400 in Canada. They were manufactured between 1997 and 2008. There have been 304 reports of products bursting, which causes the tank lid or the whole tank depending on the force of the burst to shatter and/or become projectiles. The hazardous portion of the Flushmate system is a water valve, which can also lead to massive water and property damage.

The first step is to identify whether you have a recalled unit – the recall notice shows a sample sticker and serial number to help you identify any affected units in your home. Our plumbers called Sloan at 800-580-7141, to find out what happens next. You can call that same number (have your serial number ready) and receive a free repair kit. The instructions for installing the kit are found in the video on this page.

If any customers are uncomfortable making this repair on their own, Oliver will be happy to help, and you can call our plumbing department at 484-477-0461 to schedule an appointment. Sloan is not offering parts or labor coverage beyond the self-install repair kit, so customers should expect to receive a standard Oliver invoice for the repair, and will be asked to sign a waiver of liability for repairs done in relation to the recall.

Our recommendations for customers who own an affected unit are:

  • Watch the installation video to gauge whether you are able to complete this repair
  • Call Sloan at 800-580-7141 or register online to receive your free kit
  • If the repair is out of your depth, call Oliver at 484-477-0461 for help
  • If you would rather go the extra step for peace of mind, call Oliver and speak to one of our plumbing experts about your options for replacing the toilet
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