Why Men Die First (A Safety Sean Update)

First, my congratulations to Mr. Warren Newberry on winning the Golden Rule Award!  A fitting award for such a great mentor and technician. None of Warren’s trainees would ever end up the subject of one of these attached pictures!

I recently received a forward with the title “Why Men Die First” and a collection of photos that we’ve reproduced here in the blog. These pictures display two of the main reasons why people get hurt on the job.  The first reason, which seems to be a trend, is that they were so worried about getting the job done quickly that they throw all caution to the wind.  The second thing you can see is that most of these people were probably not trained to do the jobs that they were attempting and therefore were just doing what they had to do to get the job done and get paid.  65% of on the job injuries occur within the first 6 months of employment.  That’s often the result of people forging ahead although they were not properly trained on how to use their tools and how to complete the task safely.  Another fact is that close to 70% of all injuries happen at home.  When working at home, people tend to be in their comfort zone as they are on their property and do not have to answer to a boss if they are caught in the act of taking a dangerous short cut. 

Some of these pictures are an exaggeration of what we may see here at Oliver as far as risk taking, but it does bring up a very good question.  While you are working ask yourself, “If someone snapped a picture of me right now would I want the Safety Committee, or my kids,

  to see it?  Is there anything else i can be doing or is there another way of completeing this job that could make it safer for me and those around me?”  Lets all stay focused on our jobs and just as important our safety practices.   

Safety:  It is your Mindset and our Culture.

– “Safety” Sean

Don't be like these guys.

A collection of safety DON'T's, brought you you by our own Safety Sean.

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