3 Reasons for an Attic Air Conditioner Tune Up

Attic Air Conditioner

The attic is a great place to put an air conditioning system as it protects components from the elements, allows for easy access to system controls and keeps large components out of sight. Although the attic provides benefits for homeowners, placing an attic air conditioning system in there isn’t without the potential for concerns, meaning regular maintenance and tune-up services are a must to keep your system working efficiently during the hot summer months.

Oliver Protects Your Investment and Keeps You Comfortable With Attic Air Conditioning Systems

At Oliver Heating & Cooling, we provide superior attic air conditioner tune-up solutions because we want to protect your investment and keep you comfortable. Our team of HVAC technicians is trusted across the Delaware Valley because we offer a satisfaction guarantee, flexible scheduling, affordable pricing and fast, friendly service.

Below are three of the biggest reasons to schedule your attic air conditioner tune-up today before the warm weather hits:

1. Freezing Winter Temps Can Cause Unseen Damage

Your attic can reach freezing temperatures during the winter. This means that water in your system’s drain lines can to turn to ice, potentially causing damage to the lines themselves. Without a tune-up prior to starting your air conditioner for the summer, you might not find out that you have a leak until you notice water pooling in the attic. During your air conditioner tune-up, your Oliver technician will check the lines for proper and safe operation, and if repairs need to be made, we can usually handle them on the spot.

2. Blazing Summer Heat Creates Unsafe Operating Conditions

On the opposite end of the spectrum, your attic can reach blazing hot temperatures during the summer. If your air conditioning system isn’t working at peak efficiency, extreme heat can possibly damage the system’s components, lead to higher utility bills and even result in the need for repairs and replacement. When you rely on Oliver Heating & Cooling for an attic air conditioner tune-up, we’ll not only check your system but also your attic environment to make recommendations for keeping temperatures at safe levels for efficient operation.

3. Beat the Rush and Install an Attic Air Conditioner Now

It only makes sense that homeowners in the Delaware Valley region would schedule air conditioning services when the weather heats up, but this can lead to extended wait times. We want to ensure that you don’t get stuck with a non-working AC system when it gets hot outside, so we recommend beating the rush and scheduling your appointment now. You can gain peace of mind, enjoy shorter wait times and save on energy costs from the start of the season by taking care of your AC system now instead of waiting until the summer rush.

To learn more about the benefits of an attic air conditioning tune-up in the Delaware Valley, contact Oliver today. We’re scheduling now to ensure your comfort for the upcoming spring and summer months.

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