3 Benefits of a Lutron Caséta Wireless Installation

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Have you always wanted more control over your home? At Oliver, we offer Lutron Caséta Wireless, a state-of-the-art home technology installation that can make your everyday life easier in a variety of ways. Here’s why our home electrical service experts recommend Lutron Caséta:

Lights at the Brightness You Want

Have you ever left the house and after you’re miles away, realize that you forgot to turn the lights off? With Lutron Caséta Wireless, you can control the lights from anywhere that you have WiFi access. Whether you’re at the office, away on vacation, or simply on the third floor, you’ll be able to turn your lights on, off, or adjust their brightness.

While you’re at home, you can use the handy Lutron Caséta wireless remote to make your adjustments; while you’re away, simply access the corresponding app. You can also create schedules for your lights so that they turn on or off at a certain time each day, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Thermostat Control for Ultimate Comfort

If you want to save energy and reduce your monthly bills (as well as your carbon footprint), our home electrical service experts suggest adjusting your thermostat when you’re not around. By lowering your thermostat in the winter and raising it in the summer, you can reduce the stress on your HVAC unit. However, remembering to adjust it can be hard.

If you have a Honeywell WiFi thermostat, you can connect Lutron Caséta and control the temperature in your home from anywhere. Whether you’re cozy in bed and want to turn your heat up or you’re on a business trip and want to turn your air down, Lutron Caséta makes it possible. Simply download the app and make your adjustments as needed.

Connectivity That Gives You More

Lutron Caséta can be connected to a wide variety of home automation devices. When you connect it to things like Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Sonos, and more, you’ll be able to control even more, such as your:

  • Shades
  • Thermostat
  • Television
  • Home Security System
  • Coffee Maker
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Video Camera
  • Sound System
  • Vacuum
  • Door Locks
  • And more!

If you’re interested in a Lutron Caséta Wireless installation, talk to our home electrical service experts today. We can install it quickly so you can enjoy peace of mind every day. Call us today!

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