5 Signs of a Furnace in Trouble

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Winter is far from over, and we know you’ve probably been cherishing the warmth that your furnace provides on these cold nights. However, if your beloved furnace has been malfunctioning or making strange noises, there could be something that needs fixed as soon as possible. Here are some signs of trouble:

It’s Whining

If your furnace whines while it’s running, it may have a damaged blower motor, which is the most common cause of whining noises. At Oliver, our furnace repair specialists can take a look at it. We’ll also inspect your blower belt, which could whine if it’s slipping or loose. Depending on the damage, we’ll repair or replace the equipment causing the issue.

There’s a loud sound when you turn it on

Loud bangs, pops, or grinding noises are signs that something is loose or broken. If you hear scraping or grinding, you may have a problem with your blower wheel or one of the burners. If you hear a bang or pop, it may mean that your furnace burners are dirty. Dirt causes a delay in ignition, which leads to excess gas buildup. Once the gas ignites, you’ll hear a loud noise. None of these noises should be ignored – call us right away.

It runs constantly

If your furnace has a tendency to run all the time or constantly turns on for just a few minutes, check to make sure the air filter isn’t clogged. If it’s not, it could be a number of problems, including your thermostat, air seal, or something in the unit itself. If you can’t identify the problem, our furnace repair experts would be glad to help.

There’s no heat

A furnace is supposed to provide heat, right? If it’s not, you may have a problem with your pilot light, gas valve, circuit breaker, thermostat, fan blower belt, or ignition. Once you call us, we’ll examine your unit and determine what the problem is. Furnace troubles can vary, depending on the air that’s coming from them (whether it’s cold air or no air at all).

You’ve repaired it recently

If you’ve had your furnace repaired in the last 18 months and you need another repair, it may be time to invest in a new furnace. This is especially true if yours is 15-20 years old. You could be in for even more repairs and a decrease in efficiency (which leads to higher energy bills). At Oliver, we can help you find a furnace that fits your needs and your budget.

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