5 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

I think winter brings out the most conflicted feelings of all the seasons. All those cookies! (All that extra time in the gym working them off!) Beautiful snowfall! (Shoveling!) Coming in to a warm house on a cold day! (High energy bills!) And so on and so forth. Here are five of our favorite ways to beat the winter blues:

Healthy Food1) Find a new favorite food. It may be a standing joke, but New Year’s really is a great time to develop new eating habits. For one thing, there are all kinds of healthy eating recipes out there right now. For another, who wants to run out for dinner in the freezing cold? Take advantage of the New Year healthy eating craze to shake up your recipe box and find something new to enjoy.

Super Bowl party

2) Show off your new favorite food at a Super Bowl party. It’s the second biggest eating day of the year after Thanksgiving (no wonder so many resolutionaries fall off the wagon in early February!) and a great excuse to get together with friends to cheer for your favorite team – or commercial.

Blanket Fort

3) Cozy up. Take an afternoon to relax under a warm blanket with a good book or have a family movie day in a blanket fort with popcorn. Bonus points for a cuddly pet keeping you company!

Savings Ahead

4) Beat the high energy bills. Get your heater tuned up so it’s running at top efficiency, and talk to the Oliver experts about installing a whole-house humidifier that can help keep your home comfortable at a lower temperature.

Tropical Vacation

5) Get outta town. If all else fails, hop a plane for somewhere warm!

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