7 Air Conditioning Myths, Busted

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We all want to get the most out of our air conditioner, however, there are some myths floating around that aren’t actually true and may mean trouble for your HVAC unit and your wallet. Here are several we’d like to address:

1. Closing off vents will reduce your energy bill

Many homeowners will close off HVAC vents in rooms they don’t often use in hopes of reducing their energy bill (by using less air). However, your air conditioner will still pump out the same amount of air and if you close off certain “release” areas, the pressure load will be thrown off balance. This can actually make your air conditioner work harder and in turn, cost you more money.

2. Energy-efficient models save you money

While this isn’t false, it’s not entirely true, either. Energy-efficient HVAC models are a great investment, but only if you invest in the right size for your home. Having too large or too small of a unit will only backfire in terms of costs. Make sure you talk to one of our air conditioner installation experts before you choose a unit.

3. Fans are as good as air conditioning

Many people believe that by turning on their ceiling fan, they can cool the temperature of the room down (just like an air conditioner would). However, this isn’t the case. When moving air hits your skin, it cools it down. (This is why you’ll stay cooler on a breezy day than you will on a still day.) Fans circulate air in order to cool people down, not spaces, so leaving your fan on won’t lower the temperature of your room.

4. Short bursts of A/C will lower your bill

Do you frequently turn your air conditioner on when it’s hot and then off when it cools down? While you may think this saves you energy (and therefore money on your bill), you’re actually using more energy. Your HVAC unit uses the most energy when it first starts up and levels out once it has been running for a little while. You can compare this to a car, which is the most fuel efficient when you drive it on the highway at a constant speed. To get the most out of it, let it run for about 40-50 minutes at a time.

5. A lower temperature cools your home faster

Some people think that if you turn your thermostat down to say, 70 degrees, it will take less time to cool down your home than if you were to turn it down to 75 degrees. The truth is, your air conditioner works at just one speed to cool your home, so turning the thermostat down won’t make it go any faster.

6. You don’t need to inspect your A/C unless something is wrong

At Oliver, our air conditioner installation experts recommend investing in anHVAC maintenance plan. By inspecting your unit on a regular basis, we can find and fix problems before they even occur, which can save you money.

7. Air conditioners are simply for cooling

While the main job of an air conditioner is to cool your home, it will also reduce its humidity, which will make you feel much more comfortable. Some units even have specific drying features to keep your home’s moisture content down.

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