A Plug That Can Help You Save Energy?

At Oliver, our home electrical service experts love hearing about new ways to save energy and we just found out that a team out of Munich, Germany, may soon be able to reduce your energy bill with a simple plug.

This past weekend, “The Parce Idea,” a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo, met its funding goal for a “smart plug” that helps you reduce your energy usage. (If you haven’t heard of crowd-funding, it’s a way for people to raise money online for what they really love and turn their ideas into realities.)

This plug, called Parce One, can be used in homes or office buildings and relies on wi-fi to measure and control the energy that your electronics use. All you have to do is plug Parce One into your electrical outlet and sync it with your wi-fi connection; you’ll be able to create on-off schedules for your electronics and access them at any time, anywhere, from your phone or computer.

Parce One can also detect when you leave the house or when you’re not using your electronics and automatically shut them off for you.

With its online cloud system, you’ll be able to access reports that show you how much energy you’ve saved and teach you other ways to improve your consumption. According to the campaign on Indiegogo, Parce One can save your home up to $200 per year on energy, which also helps reduce the amount of CO2 emissions affecting the environment.

The innovative Parce One will be available to those who donated to the campaign around November. As for its mass-marketing, the date for when it will be available to the public hasn’t been announced yet, but keep your ears open!


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